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About Procut Meats

David and Tash Hernandez, local owners of Procut Meats, a top Townsville butcher.

Our Story

My apprenticeship years were tough and I often tell my now apprentices how lucky they should feel because in the first 12 months I didn’t even get to touch a knife. Even though my knife skills were in some ways superior to my workmates from my time at the Meat Works the pecking order was the pecking order. Whilst being tough and mentally challenging most days I owe those lessons to my now successful business.

I have always been creative and strived to present things like no one had ever seen before. Always trying new flavours and recipes to wow customers. I worked hard and always put my hand up for overtime because work ethic was a strong trait in my family.

After 10 years in the Meat Industry, ranging from abattoirs to managing high profile butcher shops, my passion and desire to succeed was far too much for any employer. Especially trying to do my own thing whilst working for someone just wasn’t working out. I felt held back and hence I searched for my own location and Procut Meats came to life.

Opening Procut Meats was like a breath of fresh air. Yes it was daunting and I questioned myself multiple times but I KNEW it had to work. There was no question about it. I have a wife and two young daughters who relied on this venture working. They were my why. In the early days, Tash my wife would finish her regular job and pick the girls up to help me finish the day off because at the beginning it was only me in store 7 days a week.

Fast forward five years and we have eight staff members, two delivery vehicles and a wonderful bunch of retail and wholesale customers. Tash works the backbone of our business being the admin officer, bookkeeper, customer service whizz, HR officer, personal counsellor, finance manager and marketing guru – all whilst being a mum and taxi to two busy daughters. Would we be where we are now without her, not a chance!!

I work closely with local wholesalers, sourcing products as close to home as possible. I am often called “hard work”, because yes I am fussy and have high expectations. But I work for my customers and know what they want.

I am still very hands-on and work on the knife alongside my staff nearly every day. We have niches in the fitness industry specialising in my own recipe lean products for health-conscious customers but also have a great range of gourmet products, without forgetting customers who are budget conscious as well. We also supply many restaurants and cafes across town, priding ourselves in helping their businesses grow as well. Like I always say “it’s in my best interest for your business to do well because then my business does well.”

I like to say we are well-rounded and happy to be of service to so many people across town.


Our Business

When you visit Procut Meats (the only Annandale butcher shop and a top Townsville butcher), you can expect to discover:

  •  Quality product. At Procut Meats, we are known for our high standard of top-quality meat from locally-sourced wholesalers. This is what our customers expect and why we’ve established ourselves as a premier Townsville butcher.
  • Top-notch service. The helpful, friendly, efficient (and not to mention, good looking) staff at Procut Meats are here to make your life easier.
  • Variety. Procut Meats offers everything from popular to rare cuts of meats, as well as ready-to-cook products, lean dishes for health-conscious customers, budget-friendly meats and complimentary grocery items. 
  • Unbeatable product knowledge. We specialise in serving suggestions, cooking tips and dinner ideas, so don’t hesitate to ask when you stop by Procut Meats. We’re always happy to help.
  •  Convenience. Procut Meats’ Annandale butcher shop is conveniently open seven days a week. But if you want to save time, you can also shop online for Townsville delivery or in-store pick-up. With all of these options, it’s never been easier to buy top-quality meat.

All of these points combine to make us a premier Townsville butcher. Nothing is ever too much at Procut Meats and we pride ourselves on providing good old-fashioned service, quality products and a modern take on the old-school butchery. We also have a strong belief in supporting local businesses and do our best to support our local community through sponsorships and donations when possible. Thank you for visiting Procut Meats and we look forward to serving you soon.

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