This is our story

After 10 years experience in the Meat Industry and working in a variety of roles ranging from abattoirs to managing high profile butcher shops, my passion for the industry grew and drove my desire to show my own skills under my own roof. Whilst my apprenticeship and various roles I had were tough and mentally challenging, I owe the success of Procut Meats to those years and the superior skills I learnt.

Five years on, we now have am amazing team of eight stand, two delivery vehicles and a wonderful bunch of retail and wholesale customers. While I work closely with local wholesalers and sourcing premium quality products, the behind the scenes is all run by my wife Tash (the backbone of our business), juggling the roles of the admin officer, bookkeeper, customer service whizz, HR officer, personal counsellor, finance manager and marketing guru – all whilst being a mum and taxi to two busy daughters.

As a creative person, I am always striving to present things like no one has ever seen before. Testing my skills and boundaries by trying new flavours and recipes, my passion is to wow my customers. I am often called “hard work”, because yes I am fussy and have high expectations. But I work for my customers and know what they want.

We have niches in the fitness industry specialising in my own recipe lean products for health-conscious customers but also have a great range of gourmet products, without forgetting customers who are budget conscious as well.

We also have a strong belief in supporting local businesses and do our best to support our local community through sponsorships and donations when possible. We also supply many restaurants and cafes across town, priding ourselves in helping their businesses grow as well. Like I always say “it’s in my best interest for your business to do well because then my business does well.” We're a well-rounded team, and happy to be of service to so many people across Townsville.

  • Quality product

    At Procut Meats, we are known for our high standard of top-quality meat from our wholesalers. This is what our customers expect and why we’ve established ourselves as a premier Townsville butcher.

  • Variety + Options

    Procut Meats offers everything from popular to rare cuts of meats, as well as ready-to-cook products, lean dishes for health-conscious customers, budget-friendly meats and complimentary grocery items. 

  • Top-notch service

    Specialists in serving suggestions, cooking tips and dinner ideas, the helpful, friendly, efficient (and not to mention, good looking) staff at Procut Meats are here to make your life easier.